Family Therapy & Systemic Constellation Work


-Individual, Family and Relationship Therapy

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-Family Constellations

What happens in a Family/Systemic Constellation?

Systemic Constellations reveal and transform hidden and often dysfunctional patterns of human and family relating.

By utilizing volunteers or objects to represent family members, ancestors, or other influencing forces, a map is set up that reflects and makes visible the underlying dynamics.  A wider perspective emerges and along with it, clarity and understanding of how the individual effects the system and how the system effects the individual.  Maladaptive, disconnected, frozen or painful hidden components become evident, as do thriving and supportive patterns.

A Constellation is the conscious participation in the animated “ Knowing Field”. Through this rich and transformative experience, the path to healing, wholeness, love and freedom is revealed.

Systemic Constellations are an innovative approach to understanding human systems and the natural laws that govern individuals and groups.  The foundational principles of Constellations  were put forth by Bert Hellinger and are based on the observable results over decades of practice with thousands of participants.  Those core principles are:  All members of a system have a place of belonging in that system, There is a natural order among members of a system, and There is an appropriate balance for giving and receiving.  When these are all honored, a family and its members find peace and well-being is restored.

-Soul Force Leadership

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