Family Therapy & Systemic Constellation Work

Meet Rebecca Smith-Woody


For more than thirty years Rebecca has been accompanying individuals and families on their journey of healing and wholeness. As a licensed therapist, specializing in family systems and trauma resolution, Rebecca has integrated a comprehensive understanding of human connection; connection to self, other, and to the powerful relationship patterns we receive from our families and our ancestors.


Rebecca is a deep and intuitive listener. Through years of working with clients and systemic constellation work, she has skillfully developed phenomenological access to the wisdom and information held in the relational systems in which we belong. She compassionately and wholeheartedly assists others in uncovering new patterns of healing, freedom and sovereignty.


Rebecca is also a pioneer and is the great-granddaughter of pioneers who persevered when life was stark, grew from pain and hardship and who listened to the timeless gift of the call of life, no matter what it brings. She has learned and studied with many pioneers in the field of trauma resolution, family therapy and Systemic Constellations. Among them: Francine Shapiro, Peter Levine, Bessel Van der Kolk, David Grand and Anngwyn St. Just. It is the Systemic Constellation work of Bert Hellinger, that captivated Rebecca consistently and has become the primary expression of her work.


Introduced to Constellation Work in 1999, she was initially taught by the early students of Hellinger who came to the United States to introduce this method to heal family systems: Sneh Victoria Schnabel, Bertold Ulsemer, Daan Van Kampenhout, Heinz Stark and Bert Hellinger himself. For their dedication, generosity and devotion to this work, she is deeply indebted . For her incredible body of integrated knowledge and capacity to distill and to teach, a bow a gratitude to Jane Peterson, from whom came a certification, refined skill and added courage for this work.


“Sharing this profound healing realm with others and witnessing changed and healed lives is my sacred work. It is my great honor to be a conduit for this healing force. I welcome and accompany those who are called.”